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Did JFK, Truman, Roosevelt have USA National Defense Contractors Operating Out of Communist China?

I don't think so. And neither would I. But is seems things are so out of hand, that we do.

Automation Giant Faces U.S. Government Probe Over China Operations

It is so out of control, so far beyond what our country should put up with. American firms, engaged in protecting our country, with contracts with our military, operating out of Communist China. The non-sequiturs continue everyday with nothing being done about it.

Some people still say we should just trade even more with Communist China and their behavior will improve. but take a look at the graph below:

Deficit goes up, Communist China gets more Authoritarian, violates more agreements, puts more people in concentration camps, threatens more neighbors, and we in USA do basically nothing.

Rockwell, based in Wisconsin has employees in …China. From the article.

“The U.S. government investigation is focused on employees based at the company’s facility in Dalian, China, who might have access to software codes that connect with those computer systems. The probe includes the inspectors general at the Energy Department and the Defense Department as well as the Justice Department’s Commercial Litigation Branch, according to the documents. “

Read this and weep.

“In the memorandum, the whistleblower alleged that Rockwell does its code development, support and patching—updating software to fix vulnerabilities—using only Chinese nationals at the facility in Dalian, a port city at the southern tip of China’s Liaoning province.”


But it goes on every day, all day, as Communist China steals from America.

I will stop it.

Steve Laffey's Substack--on the campaign trail
Steve Laffey's Substack--on the campaign trail
Steve Laffey